A Glimmering Point


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2014. Two men injured on the Maidan in Kiev are being transported out of Ukraine when the Russian-backed separatists take over their train. They manage to escape, accompanied by a mysterious nurse who had treated their wounds. Out in the wild, the Ukrainians expose an unscrupulous intrigue and staggering secrets about their loyalties, desires and fears. In a twist of fate, one of the escapees will be forced to make a fateful decision and suffer its unforeseen consequences. Discover a microcosm of the region with overlapping ideological influences and ethnic diversity, devastated by a civil war and terrorist attacks, where the line between black and white is blurry and the truth is only a point glimmering in the woods.


Jan looked through the window. The winter was rather mild and subsided early, a blessing for the demonstrators in Kiev. Now spring was in full bloom, popping carnations and roses on the fleeting hills in the glassy reflection. The blurred mass passing as if on a reel in the window surrounded the nurse’s face, also reflected, as if it were a halo and she a saint. He looked for her eyes in the glass, for he would not dare to venture his sight into them without a medium, but her cold sapphires were inert, looking inwardly. Her countenance flawless and her mouth chronically and voluptuously cracked, she resembled a wax figure more than a human. Jan wondered whether she was conditioned to be conceited, self-centered and awkward. The post-Soviet system encouraged scheming and conceit as means of survival and socioeconomic climb, and from his inquiries in the hospital he learned that meat was barely affordable in her village. That in the twenty-first century.

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